Libyan War News: October 1, 2011

Libyan War News: October 1, 2011

Posted on October 1, 2011 by libyanfreepress

The mighty Libyan Army has hit the Tripoli Sea Port and now its condition doesn’t allow foreign ships to arrive to Tripoli and provide the NATO-mercenaries  with weaponry.

The Libyan Army attacked the college of girls in Tripoli where the NATO-mercenaries were hiding (no girls in the building, but rats).

Three NATO-mercenaries commanders were wasted on the hands of the army yesterday.

Fighters from the Na’aj tribe or Tarhouna broke apart from the NATO-mercenaries and went to Sirt and joined the Libyan army there.

Tribes in the South of Algeria have warned the Tunisian authoreties that they will corrupt the oil pipes linking Libya an Tunisia if the Tunisian government keeps former Libyan prime-minister Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi in custody or gives him to the NATO-mercenaries. Al-Mahmoudi entered Tunisia illegally, and although he was found not guilty by court in Tunisia, he was still unconstitutionally captured.

Official papers, that prove USA’s and Israel’s support for the NATO-mercenaries, are safe outside Libya and will be sent to the United Nations and revealed to the world soon.

The NATO-mercenaries have bugged the telephones of several media stations in Libya in hope to track the calls of Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, who in contrary of the recent news is free and not captured by the NATO-mercenaries.

A Qatari airplane carried more than 100 wounded fighters, of the NATO-mercenaries forces, to Amman, Jordan for treatment.

However the Jordanian authorities refused to let the NATO-mercenaries in and the Qatari airplane refused to take them back which resulted in arguments between the Qataris and Jordanians; however the Jordanians refused to let those murdering NATO-mercenaries into their country and the Qatari plane was forced to take them away from Jordan to another country.

The Banks loyal to the NATO-mercenaries are refusing to pay the Libyan people who are living on social services their monthly wages which resulted in several protests across Libya by the civilians.

Fights are still ongoing in several places in Tripoli.

Last night, after the last evening prayer, in one of the mainstays of the National Council of Libya Misrata erupted the intense armed clashes.

Clashes between units of the rebels’ Brigades Misraty” and the “Brigades of Benghazi“. They used all kinds of automatic weapons, grenade launchers, mortars. Probable cause of the fighting in Misrate – a creation “Kata’ib Misrata” (Brigades Misraty) anti…deserters groups, who began to shoot all deserters retreating from the battlefield near Sirte, or trying to deviate from participation in the battle”, source in the Russian special services dedicated to monitoring the situation in Libya.

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